Place the vertical foeder on the stand that suitable for its size and weight, make sure it is balanced and stable after positioned. The direction of the stand that holds the bottom of the foeder should be 90° to the direction of the bottom wood staves.


This is an optional practice. It is purposed to re-obtain the water-tightness for the oak foeder, but it can’t substitute water-filling re-hydration practice.

1. Open the IN/OUT port and the top manway or spare port on the top, keep other posts closed. Make sure the inner pressure of the foeder is the same as the ambient pressures of the environment (Any inner pressure change during this process may cause severe damage to the foeder).

2. Set up the steam generator to 212°F output.

3. Steam the foeder from IN/OUT port and stop till the steam is coming out from the port at the top.

Watering to Re-hydrate

Please make sure the water to be used for re-hydrate is applied to the food and beverage industry standard and regulation.

This practice should be taken in several different processes in 4 days.

1. Spray the water from the CIP port at the top (you can fill the water from the top manway or spare port if the foeder is not equipped with a CIP port) to fill the foeder to about 4” water level.

2. Wait for 24 hours to let the bottom re-hydrate.

3. Check if there is any leakage.

4. Evenly fill the rest space with water in three phases, the water-filled each phase should remain for 24 hours.

Please pay attention to keep the foeder inner pressure the same as the ambient pressure all the time.

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