Cleaning and Disinfecting


Cleaning the new foeder is not necessary. To clean the inner staves, it is recommended to spray water and clean it by hand with a brush. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner which could result in damage.

Drain the water by opening the dump port after the cleaning process.

Empty & Refill

To let the foeder last longer to work with, it’s better to keep them filled at all times, it’s good for the foeder to better do its job and avoid leakage may be caused by low humidity.


Thermal Descaling

Rinse and clean the foeder with cold water

Rinse and clean with hot water(140-158°F)

Rinse and clean the with cold water again

Rinse and clean by brush

Steam Descaling

The same process as the thermal descaling but use steam instead of hot water. Please make sure the inner pressure is the same as the ambient pressure during steam descaling.


It is recommended to disinfect the foeder after descaling to eliminate microorganisms.

Steam Disinfecting

1. Open the IN/OUT port and the spare port on the top, keep other posts closed. Make sure the inner pressure of the foeder is the same as the ambient pressures of the environment (Any inner pressure change during this process may cause severe damage to the foeder).

2. Set up the steam generator to 212°F output.

3. Steam the foeder from the spare port on the top for at least 45 minutes after the steam is coming out from the IN/OUT port.

Ethanol Disinfecting

Connect the dump port and CIP port with a pump to spray and recirculate 75% food-grade ethanol to the inside for one hour then drain. Please make sure the inner pressure of the foeder is the same as the ambient pressures of the environment. Please wear necessary protective clothing, shoes, goggle, mask, gloves for this process.

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