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Our most popular foeders for homebrewers! bring your homebrews up to a new level, go funky!



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Most of our customers use these foeders for their test or pilot brews.




Foeders for your commercial brews. sours, lagers, and stouts!



Nano Foeders

Standard Vertical

Mini Foeders


Affordable Prices

Quality Service

Experienced Crafters


While keeping 0.5BBL to 3BBL in stock at most of the time, we would be loved to design and craft your foeders from scratch. From wood selection, sizes, model to roasting options, parts and fittings, our experienced crafter team will walk you through to the perfect foeders for your project or brewery.  


We use American white oak for the standard product, French oak as optional. All the wood we use is air-dried for one year and exposed to rid the oak of any harsh flavors. We also offer light/medium/heavy roasting for the wood to create unique aromas for your foeders and the beer it will contain.


The foeder comes with all the parts and fittings that needed to make it work right after arrival. We use high quality and tested part and fittings only. They are covered in a year warranty and could be replaced for new with no charge for any non-man caused damage.


Your foeders will be wrapped with the plastic firms to keep moisture during shipping. For 0.5&1BBL foeders, we use a hard paper box and filled with form strips to protect the product. We will do a wood crate and pallet for any other sizes above 2BBL. All the parts and fittings will be packed separately to avoid damage 

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We also craft foeders in different designs (Horizontal/fermentation, etc), sizes, and offer roasting options. Contact us now to find out how we can get you covered 

Our Services & Product

- Oak Foeders Customization

- Oak Vats/Barrels/Vessels

- Oak chips/links/chains

- Oak  Flavor Product

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